Stay at La Souqueto B&B in Languedoc and take a day trip to the Salvador Dali museum in Figueres

The small town of Figueres in Catalonia, an hour from La Souqueto B&B in Languedocis remarkable for just one reason – it was the birthplace of Salvador Dali and is now home to the Dali Museum.

Whether you are passionate about your surreal art or just have a passing interest in Dali, this is an essential day trip. Even the children will appreciate the bizarre but highly accessible work of the Spanish artist.

The heart of the museum is the building that housed the town’s theatre when Dalí was a child, where one of the first public exhibitions of young Dalí’s art was shown. The old theatre was burned during the Spanish Civil War and remained in a state of ruin for decades. In 1960, Dalí and the mayor of Figueres decided to rebuild it as a museum dedicated to the town’s most famous son. In 1968, the city council approved the plan, and construction began the following year. The museum opened on September 28, 1974, with continuing expansion through the mid-1980s. The museum now includes buildings and courtyards adjacent to the old theater building.

The museum displays the single largest and most diverse collection of works by Salvador Dalí, the core was from the artist’s personal collection. In addition to Dalí paintings from all decades of his career, there are Dalí sculptures, 3-dimensional collages, mechanical devices, and other curiosities from Dalí’s imagination. A highlight is a 3-dimensional anamorphic living-room installation with custom furtiture that looks like the face of Mae West when viewed from a certain spot.

La souqueto B&B in Languedoc is the perfect place to explore southern France, the Pyrenees and Spanish coast toward Barcelona.

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