Enjoy the unique experience of our Boat hire on Canal du Midi

We love living and managing our B&B in the Languedoc! The region has many beautiful and fascinating attractions. It is, after all, one of the parts of France with the richest historical and cultural inheritance. Much of that revolves around the region’s centuries-old status as a winemaking centre, although it was another trade – wheat – that motivated the construction of one of the present day area’s most remarkable assets.

The Canal du Midi is one of the oldest European canals still in operation.  Snaking some 241 kilometres (150 miles) through Southern France, this long canal was built between 1666 and 1681 – during the reign of Louis XIV – under the supervision of Pierre-Paul Riquet. It is a spectacular feat of 17th Century Civil Engineering and the result was nothing less than remarkable.

While the Canal is no longer used by commercial barges to transport goods such as wheat and coal, it remains a star attraction for almost anyone exploring the Languedoc and surrounding areas.

Until now, boat trips and tours have been restricted to expensive weekly self-drive hires and low quality hourly trips. La Souqueto B&B have created a variety of boat hire canal du midi services. For Canal du Midi boat tours we offer our restored Classic Mahogany Broads cruiser Bella Mia.

Boat hire Canal du Midi

boat hire canal du midi
glamping on the Canal du Midi

Why not experience canal life first hand by renting Bella Mia as mini gite moored to the bank. You will be a stones-throw from the restaurants of La Somail or our local Tapas bar. Swim in the river Cesse or sun bathe on the decks. Or, simply choose from a selection of day and evening trips.

The locks on the Canal are closed from November through to April, but we are moored on a section that has no locks for over 50 miles. This means that we are free to cruise the Canal at any time throughout the year.

Some of guests who have enjoyed our boat hire on the Canal du Midi.



Day trip on the Canal du Midi
Day trip on the Canal du Midi



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