The many cycling opportunities from bed and breakfast accommodation in Languedoc

Summer is upon us and many more people are booking bed and breakfast accommodation in Languedoc, and they do so for many a reason – from the various wine-tasting opportunities here to the generous range of cultural sights and sounds. Others, though, may be of a more active bent, and therefore interested in the numerous cycling opportunities that present themselves around the Canal du Midi and wider Languedoc, in particular the Black Mountains (Montagne Noire) area.

France is well known as practically idolising the bicycle, so it goes without saying that anyone staying at bed and breakfast accommodation in Languedoc will have many bicycle lanes to explore, right? Actually, there are very few of those, but what you definitely will find in abundance in this part of the world are empty roads and off-road tracks, running for thousands upon thousands of miles… so it’s unlikely that the keen cyclist will get bored. In fact, it’s the perfect way to explore this stunningly varied region, so why not hire a bicycle locally and take this opportunity to channel your inner Chris Froome?

If you’re not exactly a seasoned cyclist, don’t worry – you could always just stick to the more leisurely areas along the coast and the Canal du Midi, amid the dappled shade of the trees lining the local waterways and towpaths. But there’s little doubt that bed and breakfast accommodation in Languedoc is the perfect choice for keen mountain bikers and anyone else who regards staying on the tarmac as a bit conservative. What those cyclists will notice, whether they stick to the flat coastal plain or head inland to the Black Mountains or west in the direction of the Pyrenees, is just how astonishingly diverse this area is.

Take it easy along the valley of the River Gardon, or make a beeline for more mountainous areas like the Haut-Languedoc and its Cevennes National Park. The more you stray from the tourist throng, the more likely you are to find yourself doing a decent amount of climbing, especially when you make the top of the Montagne Noire your destination. But if you do make that long journey, rest assured that the glorious views and thrilling descent through small gorges will make it feel more than worthwhile. Enquire about bed and breakfast accommodation in Languedoc today, and discover what it really means to feel the air in your lungs.

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