Horse riding in the Languedoc

For guests who love horse riding and treks, we have found the most fantastic Ranch just 10 minutes away from La Souqueto a luxury bed and breakfast languedoc. The owner is a breeder of Appaloosas horses and has built a ranch in the foothills of the Black Mountains. She provides livery for clients too but most of her time is taken up organising and leading treks up into the mountains using a variety of tracks through the pine forests. She also provides lunches too out on the hills!

For Groups interested in booking a trek we can both manage the details of the trip and accommodate up to 10 people at La Souqueto luxury bed and breakfast languedoc.

Luxury bed and breakfast Languedoc

For those that prefer walking this area has the most fantastic forestry tracks just outside the village of Bize Minervois. One can literally walk for miles and miles but we would suggest you head for the stunning village of Montouliers.

It sits in the foothills of the black mountains and is surrounded by Olive groves and vineyards and forms part of the wine soil of the ‘Serres’ Its name was taken from Olive groves on the hill where the village was built and was first mentioned in history in 940.  (Monte Olerio, the Mount of Olives).

The caladées (small winding lanes of the village) take you to the beautiful church of Saint Baudile de Monte Olerio XIVe century and the medieval castle of the XIIe and XIIIe centuries.

The village is also well known for its Roman fountain.


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