A walk from Fonseranes locks to Beziers Cathedral

Take the recently opened dedicated walkway from the 9 locks of Fonseranes to Beziers Cathedral following the Canal, Orb river and stunning old bridge. It’s only half an hour by car from La Souqueto accommodation.

We parked at the Fonseranes car park and took a very easy walk from the fascinating 9 locks of Fonseranes just a kilometre or two outside Beziers to the centre of the City. The local Council have created this dedicated pathway with clever landscaping and planting which tie the two landmarks together beautifully.

The initial walk takes you along the Canal to the junction of the Orb river. Within a few minutes the Cathedral can be seen on top of the hill as well as two of the four bridges that cross the river. The path takes you to the restored ancient, original bridge which has been pedestrianised. This leads to shallow steps to one of two lifts that take you to the area around the magnificent Cathedral.

We recommend a stop at the top at the Bistro Plat Prison restaurant. It’s best to book in advance http://www.hotellaprison.com.

Walk down the lanes to the left of the Cathedral passing through shop-lined pedestrian walkways through the old Town. Don’t miss the in door Market and the area around it. We recommend two other restaurants http://restaurant-le-massilia.fr and www.pica-pica.fr

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