Birds of Prey

Maison d’été Gite in Babio, and in the foothills of the Mountains Noire, is the perfect place to witness magnificent soaring birds of prey.


The landscape surrounding Maison d’été Gite in Babio, provides the perfect habitat for the most wonderful variety of birds of prey. The garrigue (a heathland habitat of tall shrubs, including rosemary and thyme), coniferous forest and many small family owned vineyards provide an excellent environment for small mammals, snakes and lizards to thrive. This makes it an ideal birding spot.

We are in the flight path of migrating birds.

Golden Eagles breed each year in the Cesse and Bryan Gorges just a few minutes from Maison d’été Gite and we often see them soar with their off spring above the village or in the valley in front of us. We also see scarce Bonelli’s Eagles and Eagle Owls that also nest in the local Gorges. We are also in the flight path of migrants both in spring and autumn. On migration Black Kites are the earliest to appear, in March, together with Short-toed Eagles which stay to breed, feeding on the numerous snakes and lizards to be found in the area. April sees the arrival of Montagu’s Harriers. May brings the Honey Buzzards  and scarcer raptors include Booted Eagles and Goshawks. We also see Griffon Vultures quite regularly as they commute from populations in the Pyrénées and the Massif Central. In addition it is not unusual to see the occasional migrating Black Stork.

If you are interested to learn more about the species of birds and Raptors thriving in the Languedoc, or indeed would like to arrange a birding tour, we highly recommend contacting an organisation called Birding Languedoc