Gorge d’Héric

Take a day to walk and swim at the Gorge d’heric!

The Héric gorges are located near Mons-La-Trivalle in the French department of Hérault in the Occitanie region. These incredibly impressive gorges are located in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc regional natural park just over an hour from La Souqueto accommodation.


We have experienced three wonderful separate days out at the Gorge d’Héric. The first occasion was in autumn where we took the closed road to the tiny commune of Héric. It took an easy 1.5 hours to reach our summit. There was a little refuge cafe at the top where we enjoyed a hot chocolate before our return. The second trip was in early summer where we took a picnic and stopped at one of the many stunning pools in the Gorge. We spent our day swimming and sunbathing.

The last day trip, in Winter, included the most wonderful walk from Mons-La-Trivalle up through the woods and approaching Héric commune from another direction. It took five hours in total but well worth the effort!

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