La Castigno Cave

A visit to Château Castigno’s Wine Cave is a must, and its less than half an hour from La Souqueto B&B

The jewel in the crown of the Assignan Village experience is the the Château Castigno wines. The estate extends over 30 hectares with plots of land with vines aged between 50 and 120 years reaching an altitude of 250 metres. It is organic wine growing at its best, but taken further. The soil is largely tilled using horse drawn ploughs while fertilised by in-house fertilisation methods. Grapes are manually harvested.


The Cave at Château Castigno is just remarkable! From above it looks like a resting bottle lying on its side. Covered entirely in cork it sits amongst vines in chalky soil. Wine Tours and tasting are offered throughout the year. We found the Architecture and interior design as fascinating as the quality of Castigno’s Wine.

Each year La Souqueto B&B organise their ‘long weekend of wine tour’.

Contact details for the Cave tour and wine tasting is below. Every May, La Souqueto B&B arranges a ‘long weekend of wine tour’. Contact us directly if you require further information.

Cave de Château Castigno. Cellar and Wine Tourism: Tel: 0033 (0)4 67 24 43 03.

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