Mediterranean Coastline of Occitanie 2.

Explore the villages of Bages and Pyriac de Mer.

Continuing our exploration of the Mediterranean coastline of Occitanie from Narbonne Plage to Perpignan, this blog concentrates on the two lovely coastal villages of Bages and Pyriac de Mer.

Just 20 mins from La Souqueto Accommodation!

Bages is a hill top village with views of a lake (Etang) and The Med beyond. Its a beautiful, quiet village with small central square with two bar/restaurants. Les Beaux Arts is great for soaking up the atmosphere with a mid morning coffee or beer and Les Jardins de Bages serves classic Mediterranean dishes. Beaux Arts, Place Juin 1907, 11100 Bages. 0033 (0)4 68 42 55 66. Les Jardins de Bages, Place Juin 1907, 11100 Bages. 0033 (0)4 68 70 13 76.

Less than 10 minutes by the road that follows the Etang, you will come to Pyriac de Mer. Keep your eye out for Flamingos!! This village is larger than Bages. Explore the alleyways full of tiny cottages or the impressive church in the main square. We often take the boardwalks over the disused salt flats now inhabited by Cranes and Flamingos. There are a number of clearly signed paths from 3 to 8Km that take you up to the hills that over look the Etang and The Med. Head back for a bite to eat or drink at restaurants, O Vieux Tonneaux, 3 Place de la Mairie, 11440, Pyriac de Mer Tel. 0033 (0)4 68 48 39 54 or Les Rosiers des Salins. 21 Rue des Salins, 11440, Pyriac de Mer. Tel. 0033 (0)4 68 33 16 85.




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